How to Hide the Weird Guy During Fraternity Rush

Weird guy in Fraternity Rush

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How do we hide weird guys during informal and formal rush? We have a 65 man chapter and 8 of them are very odd. Some are legacies that we had to take and others just slipped through the cracks. My fraternity is looking to make a big step this fall for rush and the last thing we need is one of these guys creeping out a potential new member.


Fraternities, like any organization, corporation, or club are a collection of personalities. Through diversity, the group will gain strength in the collective knowledge, skills, networks, and innate talents of its members. Rushing should be approached in a way to draw from the varied composition of your chapter. The key to a successful fraternity recruitment is to leverage the strengths of each the brothers in the chapter and assign them roles that play to this strength.

The men you describe as odd are probably not ones to leave great first impressions. Whether they are shy, or out of the mainstream, the fear is that by having them mingling with potential new members they will give the fraternity a bad name.

While it is necessary to have sales type personalities that can instantly build rapport with underclassman, it is not necessary for the whole chapter to have this skill. If the brother’s strengths do not include being able to quickly connect with a prospect to establish a relationship with them and the fraternity, then find a role that does play to their strengths.

There are plenty of very important roles in rush that less socially inclined brother can fill. Here are some examples of crucial roles that can be filled be less outgoing brothers:

– Brothers good at technology can update your fraternity website and social media pages to include information for rush
– Brothers who like photography can put together a slideshow of last year to show perspective how fun the chapter is
– Artistic brothers can design your rush t-shirts, banners, or flyers
– Organized brothers can handle logistics for ordering supplies months ahead of time. A lot of collateral is needed for a good rush and ordering this stuff well in advance is a good idea to save money on rush delivery and have it all when needed
– Brothers who like to cook can man the grill to prepare meat for rush BBQs

By giving the more socially awkward brothers tasks that play to their strengths it allows them to participate in rush without forcing them to work a crowd.

Furthermore, by making this brothers feel important for the success of rush with these jobs they will become less awkward than if they were just a wallflower at the event. They may relax if they have primary tasks that isn’t to mingle and will have a higher potential to form relationships with prospects and not weird them out.

The brothers that can pull recruits are important to rush, but don’t make the mistake to believe they are all of rush. Any successfully company is not composed entirely of salesman; a large amount of people will work behind the scenes to provide a top-notch product for the sales people to close on. I encourage you to view rush in this multidimensional way, and utilize the talents of your less extroverted brothers to keep them busy and contributing to a great rush.

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