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  1. Hay I’m part of a fraternity and I really enjoy it. One problem 
    That my fraternity had was brothers dropping out and often when 
    It gets bigger. What’s your advice on how to keep brothers until they graduate?

  2. My fraternity voted that I couldn’t attend a formal because of behavioral reasons, the law was not involved in this issue, nor are there any charges it was a civil dispute that the chapter found out about (yelling at someone that got confrontational, end result noise disturbance call, police left and we all shook hands) now i’m out of my deposit for the trip with the fraternity, can I re-coup my loss in small claims?

  3. Also, it is looking like we are not going to have a spring pledge class, the first time I can ever remember this happening since being a brother of my chapter. It is heartbreaking to see this happen, especially since I am graduating at the end of this semester.

  4. Hello Patrick. My name is Bayard Carmiencke. I am a brother of the Alpha Chi Rho fraternity at Queens College. We are currently a rebuilding chapter of 13 members who are struggling with recruitment this semester. We recently extended bids to 5 rushes, and all are bailing out on us at the last minute. We need to have this fixed by this Saturday. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  5. I became President this previous quarter after our very popular President had to leave the school to attend to his family. As the Vice President, I was a popular brother within the chapter (outside of meetings) before I became president. I brought a positive and very outgoing attitude everywhere and am very well known among the sororities as a charasmatic high profile guy and I am known by the other fraternities as an outgoing guy that is diplomatic. All in all, I was cool with all people in my school’s small greek community . Although our previous President was popular, he had no previous exec board experience so I, his Vice President at the time, was extremely good at my job and although I constantly asked for help, no brothers would come to my aid thusly I had to nearly make the Fraternity run single handedly for 2 quarters. I would plan and run all the events, run recruitment, train the new guys on fraternity maters, contact the school when needed, create contracts with companies, help develop rewards and punishments for brothers, develop committees as I wished but l always let the president know before I made any move. As VP during meeting, because of my involvement, I would have 20 min. – 1 hour long reports just to cover the basics and answer the questions.
    Once I became President, the Fraternity’s progress and day to day workings fell apart nearly immediately. to put this in perspective, I didn’t even have a Vice President during recruitment but since I scheduled all the events during recruitment, I had to run the events and field questions day and night from the interests for a three week span all while trying to keep my grades, job and school relations in order. No brothers stepped up nor were equipped to step up because my involvement as the previous VP. As the quarter went on, I eventually got a VP but he was ineffective because he had no experience with the position and was only social chair for one quarter a year before, only setting up and running a single small scale event. Although some members of my board were solid, they never expressed trust in my abilities as the president and even my sergeant yelled at me during a meeting out of frustration during a discussion about fund allocation.
    When elections came up, I was nominated and a younger (and more popular) member was nominated fro President. It was obvious that people wanted him as president but he again had no experience with school relations or exec board experience (at out school, campus and president talk 3-7 times a week because our greek life is a period of scrutiny and transition) He ended up accepting another position therefore I was the de facto winner. Although I was still president, I gave a speech telling them that I can’t do my previous duties and President at the same time therefore I wanted them to step up and help me make the fraternity run so I can solely focus on my Presidential duties. I finished by asking the fraternity to do a vote of confidence for if i should stay president but an older brother dismissed the notion and said it wasn’t needed and many members shook their heads in agreement. After all of that, I felt like I could really help the fraternity grow again but it changed later that week when nearly half the chapter broke the rules I set out for an active brothers only event. Some even came to me and called me out on making rules too hard to follow, while others went on calling me a dictator. I kept a level head and calmed the situation down very quickly thanks to the alumni help I recieved.
    I am the type of guy where i never am mad at people too long, especially bros, so when I received apologies from a few members in the past days, it really warmed my spirit and I told each of them that although I wasn’t upset by the situation and Its all love between us. Its winter break now so we won’t be having a chapter meeting until the first of the year and I am wondering how I should start out the year? My new board (only I and two others are transitioning to the new board) is communicating well but I am scared that the brothers will openly rebel against the plans the new board and I have like they did when I became president, making our chapter fail.
    My question is, how do you guide a chapter of brothers that openly disrespects a president just because he is unpopular? from my perspective, its either I be hated and help the chapter’s day to day functions with no support, be liked but have the chapter get nearly nothing done, or step down from the postion as Presient leaving a brother with litterally no experienced as president and most likely have to teach the new board as well as the new brothers how to run the orginization.

  6. Is age a factor of joining a fraternity? I am turning 30 in a few months and I am currently a junior. The benefits that drew into a specific fraternity is the ability to be in charge of philanthropy opportunities. Wondering if membership or if being a part of the advisory board is a better route for me.

  7. Hey, so I was recently a brother at one fraternity and I debrothered.
    I got a release from that fraternity, which made me eligible for rush.
    Then two fraternities were going to bid me,
    but both had to back out because in their bylaws
    they are not allowed to take someone in that has been initiated
    into another fraternity. I got a release from my first fraternity,
    so does that void my initiation and does that allow me to
    rejoin another fraternity?

  8. i am trying to make fraternity go national and i need some advise on doing so we are a very old fraternity the oldest at my school we do not want to join a national fraternity we would like to make more branches of my fraternity at other schools have people at other schools that want to and are willing to work just need to know what are allthe stipulations on making this happened

  9. I am a full time student and am total independent and pay for my college education. I work full time and my job depends on tips. I can not afford my dues this semester and the fraternity will not let me go inactive. Is this normal?  

    • If you can’t meet your financial obligations I don’t see how you can be upset that the chapter suspends you from social functions. This is perfectly normal and makes sense to me.

  10. Pledgeship is a process of mutual evaluation. Certain activities such as pledge class projects that are fun (not painful) and stress team building are perfectly OK and legal as long as their is no requirement. For example, a pledge class can work on a pledge class mural or plaque together. The benefit is they did something together and they can take pride in it with their fellow pledge brothers. It’s one of those things that 30 years later, they can return to their fraternity and see the mural or plaque. Brings back great memories. Getting back on track, create these activities that spawn positive attitude and morale and you can’t go wrong. Make sure that the pledges know that they do not have to participate and can say something if they don’t feel comfortable with it.

  11. You cant just look at it as hazing. You look at it as these guys need to prove theirselves to you that they want to be your brother so bad they will do damn near anything to do it. I’m not saying bury them alive but yeah have some fun with them and more than anything teach them what you are about, what you want from them, find out what they expect from you, teach them wearing any Fraternity letters means so much more than being greek, partying, and getting girls, and at the end of their pledgeship they are going to be a damn good brother.

  12. Its not about anti-hazing; making them do anything, including a ritual, is called hazing. To be safe from a legal aspect, you must literally baby them by asking about every small detail. Its a question of good hazing vs bad hazing, the utility of the hazing and what it provides (no bullshit “character builder” excuses haha) should provide for a structure

    ie. Beating your pledges = bad hazing
    Having your pledges give speeches about x, y, and z to develop public speaking skills to showcase the fraternity = good hazing

    It still is hazing because I doubt a pledge would want to give a speech to begin with

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