The 12 Best Fraternity Websites

Below are a list of the best fraternity websites out there.

Each is a treasure trove of information that will help any fraternity leader.

If there is one that I don’t know about, please recognize it in the comments section below the article.

1) Phired Up

The Phired Up team is the best at teaching fraternity recruitment strategies.  They teach how to center your recruitment strategy around social excellence, which gives you the ability to recruit a higher caliber student.  I attended a Phired Up recruitment seminar led by Matt Mattson, and came away very impressed.  Matt was engaging and funny, and he taught the skills needed to succeed during recruitment.  While most didn’t realize it at the time, these are the same skills needed to succeed at life.  I highly recommend you check out Phired Up’s Blog and their book Good Guys: The Eight Steps to Limitless Possibility for Fraternity Recruitment.

2) The Hungry Student Leader

The Hungry Student Leader is TJ Sullivan’s blog.  TJ has been featured several times on TFA, including our review of his book Motivating the Middle.  TJ is the CEO of CAMPUSPEAK, the nation’s premier agency providing educational speakers and interactive workshops to the nation’s colleges and universities.  He has spoken to over 2 million students.  The most impressive aspect of his blog is how in touch he is with the issues of student leaders today.  His thoughts on leadership based on values is spot on, and is a must read for fraternity men.

3) Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values

The Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values (AFLV) is the showcase for cutting-edge Fraternity/Sorority programming, technology, thinking, and concepts.  I attended one of their conferences as an undergraduate, and I can attest that they are absolutely fantastic.  The AFLV resources page is a great place to stay abreast of Greek information.  It was a great honor to recently be featured in their newsletter, The Buzz, and I highly recommend you sign up for this free service.

4)  Fraternal Thoughts

Fraternal Thoughts is John Shertzer’s blog about fraternity and sorority life.  John is a former higher ed professional, and he uses those experiences to make his writing especially compelling.  Two of his recent posts, Answering the Call and Resolutions Revised are simply fantastic.  Both are written in an unorthodox way which holds your attention and drives the point home.

5) Fraternal Musings

Fraternal Musings is Jesse Koch’s blog which shares the lessons he learned in Greek Life as an undergraduate and advisor.  Jesse is currently a student development professional, and he is great at understanding the issues that current students face.  Jesse has been featured as a guest author on TFA, and wrote Flip That Switch last summer.

6) Greek Chat

Greek Chat is the most popular message board for fraternity men and sorority women.  Their forum has 131,000 registered members and they have dozens of boards where people are discussing numerous Greek Issues.  With almost 2 million posts, you are sure to find someone discussing something that interests you.

7)  Sure Sister Recruitment Blog

I know, you are probably wondering why I have Sure Sister, a sorority recruitment website, listed as a top fraternity website.  A few months ago I would have wondered the same thing.  But then, I noticed about 20% of the people who sign up for my newsletter are women.  I asked them why they are interested in fraternity news, and they told me that the lessons that apply to fraternity life also apply to sorority life.  I then realized it works the other way too. I highly suggest you check out their blog for recruitment tips.  Granted, a lot of the stuff won’t apply, but some of the recruitment advice will and can help you a great deal.

8 ) Purpose Driven Reflection

Purpose Driven Reflection is a blog by Kilo.  The site has very little information about the author and is unconventional with its format.  However, the content is absolutely first rate.  I am sure most of the fraternity world is not aware that this blog exists.   A lot of people are missing out.

9) is run by the North American Inter-Fraternity Conference (NIC).  The NIC represents 75 national fraternities and promotes the fraternity experience with one, unified message. is their blog which describes fraternity life to those looking to join.  The blog also gives great factual information that would interest any fraternity man.

10) Rate My Fraternity

Rate My Fraternity is a takeoff of the site Rate My Professor.  I know the owners of the site well and I know they get a ton of traffic from guys want to join a fraternity and learn more about the chapters they are interested in.  I highly suggest you take advantage of this free service to get some positive publicity for your chapter.

11) The Web Greek Blog

The Web Greek Blog is a newer blog by the guys over at Webgreek.  While the blog is fairly new, it contains some really solid content (including a few guest posts by me).  What really impresses me about these guys is how they use twitter to share information about the Greek/University world.  They are really in-tune with the university community are definitely worth following.

12) The Fraternity Advisor

I hope you agree that my site is a valuable resource for fraternity men.  The site will turn two next month, and I am continually amazed by its popularity.  We had over 300,000 visitors last year, and are on pace to shatter that mark this year.  I just want to give a sincere thank you to all those who follow and support the site.  It is very humbling to be followed by that many people, and very rewarding knowing that what I write is helping fraternity leaders everywhere.

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