How to Raise Money for a Fraternity Without Help from Alumni?

how to raise money for a fraternity

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How to raise money for a fraternity without help from alumni?


If your fraternity doesn’t have a robust fundraising program, you are leaving a ton of money on the table. And really, relying on your alumni is one of the last options you should utilize for your fundraising efforts.

So how to raise money for a fraternity?

I have actually written pretty extensively on this topic. This article (Fraternity Fundraising) shows how a fraternity of 30 brothers can raise $9000 fairly easily. Also, below is a list of all my other fundraising articles:

Fraternity Fundraising Ideas

That being said, my very best fundraising ideas are described in a chapter of my ebook – The Fraternity Leader. The chapter is titled “How to Raise $40,000 for Your Fraternity.” In the chapter, I describe step by step how to set up the fundraiser and make sure it is a success. This chapter alone makes the ebook a fantastic investment for your fraternity. Go here to learn more about the ebook: The Fraternity Leader.

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