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How do I start a website for my fraternity?


You don’t have to be a computer whiz to start a website. You can definitely find someone on campus to put a WordPress site together for your fraternity for a couple hundred bucks tops. I am surprised that no one in your fraternity knows how to do it. This is really the easy part.

While this isn’t the intent of your question, the most important thing to remember is the purpose of your site. Are you going to use it to disseminate information to the fraternity? Are you going to use it to share info with your alums? Are you going to use it as a recruitment tool?

You really need to figure out the purpose for the site before you put it up. Putting one up just to put one up will cost you money and provide no real benefit. That just isn’t smart.

That being said, Chapter 9 in The Fraternity Leader Series Ebook describes how to use your chapter website to supercharge recruitment. In short, this chapter talks about creating a fool-proof funnel to identify the 15% of the population that are ‘always joiners’ and get their contact info.

If your website can do that for you, then you will have created a very powerful recruitment tool and your site will be creating great value for your fraternity.  This is a fantastically simple idea that I would highly recommend be the primary focus of your site.

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How do I start a website for my fraternity? You don’t have to be a computer whiz to start a fraternity website.

One thought on “How do I Start a Website for my Fraternity?

  1. – The nature of the undergraduate is transient, and the website requires permanent care. We solved this problem by having our alumni association own the domain name (so it doesn’t get lapsed). So the undergraduates focus on content, and not administration.

    – You need to clearly define what the website needs
    By working with the alumni association, you can obtain professional advice. Let them help you. The basic items every website should have are: 1) brief history of the fraternity/chapter 2) officers for contact (always use a web form, not direct email addresses) 3) rush contact info 4) news 5) a page for alumni to make contributions 6) a link page for the alumni group or national

    – create generic emails for chapter officers
    Instead of putting any personal email or university email on the site, set up an email address based off the site that forwards to the appropriate person. For example, which would forward to the current president’s email. That way, everyone is protected from spamming/phishing attempts. If you are not comfortable with forwarding, use a web email access for those accounts.

    – Make it simple so it’s easy to maintain.
    While you can jazz up a site with all kinds of stuff, you need to remember that someone will have to maintain it after you! So using the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Stupid) works best!

    Some nationals do have some additional advise as well.

    Good Luck!

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