fraternity public relations

Fraternity’s do a terrible job in regards to public relations.  The negative stories about fraternities outnumber the positive stories by about 100 to 1.  However, you can choose to be part of the solution.

The easiest way is to take advantage of your school paper.  If your fraternity has done something notable, be sure someone writes an article about it and submits it to the school paper.  More times than not the paper will be happy to publish the article because they have pages they need to fill.

This becomes even easier if you have a brother who is on the school paper’s staff.  It never hurts to have an in, especially when you have the ability to reach thousands of students each morning.

Most fraternities require their pledge classes to participate in a community service project.  Be sure that they write a story on what they did an submit it to the school paper.

This is a great way to get positive press for the fraternity for free.  Public relations is very difficult because of all the negative stereotypes about fraternities.  Take advantage of the resources you have available to you to change these negative opinions.

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