6 Interesting Fraternity Articles

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A lot of readers share interesting articles with me regarding fraternity life.  Here are a few that I have received recently that I think are worth your time:

Lessons From Augusta – The Bureau

Great article that describes how fraternities should keep their private discussion private – just like Augusta National.

Princeton Freshman who Rush Frats Face Suspension – Huffington Post

A very negative article describing how Ivy League schools are forcing freshmen to defer rush until their sophomore years.

Fraternity and Freedom – Fraternal Thoughts

Very insightful article regarding the self-government of fraternities.  Is defiance a part of your DNA?

To End Fraternity Hazing, End Boozing First – The Chronicle

The author obviously has an agenda (he is a lawyer that represented a kid who got hazed) and is jaded about fraternity life because of it.  The comments about the article are very interesting….

Mentoring – A to Z – Xylograph – Catalyzing Leaders

While the theme was a stretch, the article actually makes a great point.  You can’t un-do bad mentoring – it will always be part of the person who you mentor.

Leadership vs Friendship – Purpose Driven Relection

Can you be an effective leader and still a close friend?  I think after reading this article you will agree that the effective leader is actually a better friend.

If you have any articles you would like to share – please let me know about them — Contact Me.

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