4 Reasons Why You Should Quit Pledging

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Since pledgeship I have been constantly harassed by a number of pledge brothers, one in particular. 

Such harassment has interfered with my personal life and has made my experience in the fraternity very uncomfortable. I have reported this to my fraternity advisors but they have not taken the necessary steps to stop him and his ridiculous harassment has continued. I want to drop and join another frat so I can be around more guys like me. Do you think I will be able to be granted this opportunity?


I am (obviously) about as pro-fraternity as they get. However, not every fraternity is going to be right for every person.

This is a great thing about our process. We have a probationary period (pledge or new member program) to figure out if you are right for the fraternity and if the fraternity is right for you.

Sometimes you figure out it isn’t right for you.

Here are 4 reasons why it is acceptable to quit during a pledge period:

1 – You are being hazed. From the sounds of it, this looks like your situation. You don’t have to subject yourself to that abuse. Move on and find a better fraternity.

2 – You don’t like the brothers. It is easy to fall in love with a fraternity during rush. That is the point isn’t it? However, your opinion may change when you get to really see what the brothers are like. And that is ok. Better to quit now and save everyone’s time than drag it out a few semesters.

3 – You don’t like the organization. This is a lot different than not liking the brothers. It is possible to like the brothers, but not like the organization. If your values and interests don’t fit with the chapters, then maybe this isn’t the right fraternity for you.

4 – You can’t afford it. Listen – few of us could afford it. I paid my way through school, had loans and was always working. It was a huge sacrifice for me to pay my dues. If you aren’t willing to make those same sacrifices, then maybe fraternity isn’t for you.

That being said, it is important to remember a few things. First, it becomes infinitely harder to change fraternities once you are initiated. If you don’t want to be a brother, don’t wait until after initiation.

Also, realize that your new member program isn’t always easy. There are certain challenges that are created to make earning your letters mean something. Every pledge has those moments of doubt where quitting seems like the best option. However, those of us that stick it out realize a very rewarding college experience.

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