4 Lessons to Remember During Fraternity Rush

fraternity recruitment

It is fraternity rush time.  It is no secret that these two weeks are the most important of the year.  If your chapter does a great job with recruitment, then a large pledge class will ensure a great year.  Struggle, and the entire year will feel like an uphill battle.

Follow these lessons to ensure you put your chapter in the best position possible to land that large class:

  • Don’t accept losers.

Your chapter will feel the pressure to take marginal guys to get your numbers up.  Don’t do it!  It is a trap!  Read below to learn more…

  1. The Numbers Game and 8 Potential Outcomes
  2. 10 Things that Will Happen if Your Fraternity Gives Everyone Bids
  • Do Your Job

Every brother has responsibilities during rush.  Most believe those responsibilities rest with the recruitment chair.  And truth be told, a lot of them do.  However, a single brother can make a significant impact during recruitment.  Read below to learn more…

  1. 11 Fraternity Recruitment Chair Responsibilities
  2. 11 Ways a Single Brother Can Make a Profound Difference During Fraternity Rush
  • Research

If you want to be the best at anything, you need to be the most knowledgeable.  Here is a collection of the best recruitment advice on this site:

  1. 31 Days to Better Fraternity Recruitment
  2. Case Study: 10 Fraternity Brothers I Recruited
  • Have a Strategy

Those who are successful in life are those who actually time the time to prepare.  You can’t expect to wing recruitment and for it to work out.  Read below for some great insight to hone your recruitment strategy:

  1. Fraternity Recruitment: 5 Ways Your Fraternity Can KILL IT
  2. 51 Fraternity Rush Ideas that are Working Right Now

To learn more, check out our most in-depth article on fraternity recruitment: The Complete Guide to Fraternity Recruitment.


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