10 Lessons for Life After College

life after college
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I’m currently thinking about starting a new position in my fraternity. I have talked about it with my chapter advisor and he loves the idea. He called it the Brother of the Next Steps, or life after college. I’d make ‘lesson plans’ for my brothers about how to tie a tie, table manners at a professional dinner, Insurance lessons, and things of that nature. I like the idea, but I need more ideas behind the actual position. I just need more ideas with it. Thanks!


I love the idea too.  Part of fraternity is supposed to be preparing brothers for life after college.  The role you propose can do a lot to fulfill that mission.

Here are some ideas I think would be great for the program:

1) How to Write a Resume – Chances are your school has a business school.  Find the person who teaches the HR classes and ask if they will give your brothers a class on how to write resumes.

2) How to Interview – Have someone at your career center to give interview tips to the chapter.

3) How to Dress in the Corporate World – Talk to an owner of a local men’s store.  Explain what they are doing and see if they will give the brothers a class.  Include how to dress for an interview in this discussion.

4) Save for Retirement – Have someone from the investment world talk to the brothers about 401ks and IRAs.  Someone worth their weight will teach you the power of compound interest.  Einstein said this is the most important thing he ever learned.

5) Linkedin – Have someone in the business world explain the power of this social network and how you can benefit from it.

6) Career Fairs – Career fairs are more than just a place to get free stuff.  It could be your first step in getting a lead to a great job.  Have someone in the HR world explain to you what the person manning the tables at the career fair is looking for.

7) Student Loan Consolidation – Chances are you are graduating with a lot of student debt.  Have someone from the financial aid office talk to you about how you can consolidate or refinance student loans to lock in rates that are historically low right now.

8)  How to Prepare a Great Meal – Someday you will have someone over to your house for an important dinner.  Maybe it is a first date.  Maybe it is your boss.  You should know how to make one meal, and make it really well.  Hire a professional chef to give the brothers a class on how to cook one great meal.  If there is a cooking school in your town, then you can probably hire a student to give you a class pretty cheap.  This is a skill that you will be able to use your entire life.

9) The Benefits of Grad School – I hate to break it to you, but graduating college is like graduating high school 30 years ago.  Everyone goes to college now.  Going to grad school if often what separates candidates for jobs and promotions.  Have someone from the career center explain the benefits of going to grad school sooner than later.  Also, have them explain the benefits of getting your graduate degree while working.

10) Home Ownership – Buying a home sounds like a great idea.  Most people call it their biggest investment.  Buying a house isn’t an investment, it is a liability.  Have someone talk to the chapter about what home ownership really entails.  This starts from the process of buying a house, to insurance, to taxes, to filling the house with stuff, to yard work, to HOAs, to utilities, to selling the house.  Having someone who understands these things can be a great benefit to a brother looking to buy their first place.

These 10 classes would be great and I think the brotherhood would really get a lot out of them.  If anyone out there has any other good ideas, please include them in the comment section below.

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