Why Your Fraternity Needs Awesome Shirts

Fraternity shirts can add tremendous value to your fraternity, especially coupled with great creativity.  These two stories show the importance of using shirts to advertise your fraternity.

First, I was in Lowe’s getting ready to buy fertilizer and grass seed for my yard.  I am not a yard guy, and had no idea what I was doing.  I saw a guy looking at the same stuff I was and he had a shirt on promoting his yard care business.

So I asked him what I should buy.  We stuck up a conversation and he explained to me that the stuff I was looking at was way overpriced.  He said he could get it wholesale and do the work for me for cheaper than I was looking to pay at Lowes.  I ended up hiring the guy and he worked for me for the two years I lived in that house.

The point of this story was the guy was promoting his business by wearing his shirt, even when he wasn’t working.  It got him a lead, and a steady customer.  Your fraternity shirts can do the same thing for your chapter!

Second, I read about one fraternity who actually made shirts the backbone of their recruitment strategy.  They posted flyers all over campus that said “Ask Her”.  No one had any idea what this was all about, but it definitely created interest.

Then, they partnered with a sorority and had all the girls wear shirts that said “Ask Me”.  When someone asked, the girls would give them a flyer about the fraternity and talk them up.  The guys made a ton of contacts, and have a very successful recruitment.

Someday, somewhere, someone around you is going to be curious about fraternity life.  They want to ask questions, but don’t know who to ask.  If you are wearing your fraternity shirt, you could be the guy they ask.

This will create valuable contacts and help grow your fraternity.

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