When there is an Epic Failure in Fraternity Leadership

failure in leadership

When there is an epic failure in leadership in any organization, you have to replace the leader.

Think about some current examples out there.  The BP spill was a disaster of epic proportions.  BP’s CEO, even though he wasn’t the one directly responsible for the incident, was the one responsible for the organization.  The disaster, coupled with his poor handling of the situation, forced the change of leadership.

Think about the universities that are currently being investigated by the NCAA for a myriad of football violations.  Chances are, the head coach didn’t know that his players were taking money from agents or cheating in the classroom, but they are the ones responsible for their programs.  Because of that, the offenders will be eventually fired for their program’s offences.

Think about this in the fraternity world.  If your fraternity’s leadership team has disgraced the chapter through their poor leadership, and the chapter realizes that there needs to be a change, then you have to replace the leader.

That being said, this has to be done very carefully.  You don’t want to lose a brother in this process.  You hope that the brother will understand the situation, and agree that a change has to be made.  Hopefully everyone in this situation will learn from it and become better brothers as a result.

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