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what is a top fraternity

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Many non-greeks look for the “top fraternity” before they rush all the houses. How do YOU define the “top fraternity”? And what kind of quality/value do they require (e.g. academic, atheletic etc.) in your opinion?


I wrote an article a while ago titled 12 Things a Top Fraternity Needs. This pretty much answers your question.

However, I will attack your question from another angle. Below is what I would look for if I was a rushee looking for the top fraternity on campus during rush.

What is a Top Fraternity?

Strong Academics – The goal of college is to get a quality education that prepares you for the outside world. I would want to be around guys who aspire to achieve. I firmly believe you become the company you keep, and I want to be the best I can be.

Good Reputation – While it is superficial, I would make sure that the name of my fraternity carries a little prestige on campus. I would ask some of my non-Greek friends (especially girls) for honest opinions on the fraternity. If I get a lot of bad reviews on a fraternity, then I’d probably stay away and not consider them a top fraternity. Too often where there is smoke there is fire.

Strong Athletics – I like sports. I want to be around guys who like it too.

Low Dues – I paid my own way through school. I didn’t have a lot of extra money to throw around. A high priced fraternity would not make sense for me.

Good Social Scene – I like a good party as much as the next guy. I would be sure that the top fraternity I wanted to rush had a lively social scene.

A Decent House – The fraternity house is reflection of the fraternity. It doesn’t have to be a mansion by any means, but it needs to be maintained. If the brothers treat their house like a dump, then that would clue me in that they are probably sloppy in other areas of their brotherhood as well.

Leadership Opportunity – A big part of the fraternity experience is personal growth. I would make sure there are leadership opportunities that are available in my future if I joined this fraternity.

Good Guys – Above all friendship is the most important aspect of the fraternity experience. If I didn’t click with the brothers or didn’t think they would grow to become my best friends then I would not consider them a top fraternity.

This is how I would answer the question, “what is a top fraternity?” Of course, this is just me. Different things are important to different people. These are the factors I would look at if I was looking for a top fraternity.

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