The Greatest Fraternity Pledge Night

fraternity pledge night

Impressing girls, scoring T-shirts, creating memories and promoting brotherhood are important ingredients to a successful pledge night. Here is how you do it…

Tell the pledge class they are going to visit all the sorority houses on campus to sing to them. Give them some time to prepare.

Then take them to a sorority house, and have them knock on the door. Once a sister answers, have them introduce themselves and ask if they can sing for the girls of the house. Will it be embarrassing? Hell yes it will be! But the girls will love it, and then the pledges will too.

Once they are done singing, have one of the pledges ask for a memento from the sorority. They need to ask for just one memento for the class, not one for each pledge. Have them suggest a T-shirt or a small composite photo. More times than not, the girls are happy to fulfill this request.

Then take them to each sorority house. By the time they are done, each pledge should have scored a T- shirt.

One of the funniest things I ever saw was a pledge class that did the Top Gun serenade to girls all over campus one night. That class had opportunities that night that no pledge before or since has ever had.

What makes the event is the pledge class is forced out of their comfort zone and they only have each other to lean on. The embarrassing situation will turn into a memory that they will always fondly remember.

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