Second Chances – Joining a Fraternity is Worth the Wait

fraternity worth the wait

This is an article from a brother from Phi Delta Theta Fraternity at Kent State University. A donation to his fraternity was made on his behalf for this submission. Go here to learn more about this program.

When I decided that I wanted to be apart of the Greek community, it wasn’t that hard to decide which fraternity best fit me and vice versa. It was 1997, I was an eager new member and finally felt as if I found a place to belong. I was coming close to the end of my new member period when I received a phone call from home. My mother said that my grandmother was not doing well.

I decided that my family needed me more at this point than the fraternity. I spoke with the President and New Member Educator and informed them of my situation at home. They agreed that my decision was a no brainer and that I was always welcomed at the fraternity house and when the time is right there will always be a place there for me in the fraternity. I withdrew from school and took care of my grandmother. Unfortunately, after 4 years of care my grandmother has passed.

After the passing of my grandmother, I was lost didn’t have the motivation to go back to school. I joined the military and explored other options. There was one thing that was missing…School and Phi Delta Theta.

I finished up my Undergraduate Degree at a regional campus then I applied and was accepted to a Graduate program at the same university where I first started my collegiate career. I decided that this has to mean something so I contacted the Phi Delta Theta Recruitment Chair and President.

I informed them about how I was a new member and the reason why I had to step down as a new member. They invited me up to the house and after we went out for dinner to learn about each other.

I learned what the fraternity has been up to in recent years and I shared some stories from way back when. A few days went by and the President contacted me and told me that they talked to National Headquarters and informed them of my situation. They came to a consensus that I would be welcomed back to the fraternity.

I decided that, even though I went through the education process, I will go through the education all over again. This would give me an opportunity to meet the new guys and build a strong bond. I was able to share with the entire fraternity and my fellow new members some of the stories from back in the day.

Today, I am honored and happy to say that I am a proud member of Phi Delta Theta! It may have taken me 13 years but in the end it was worth the wait.

No matter what the age, no matter what the level of education, Undergraduate or Graduate. If you want something bad enough go for it because it will be worth it in the end. I am forever thankful for my brothers and for giving me a chance to fulfill my dream. Now I can build a legacy for my sons and grandsons.

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