Review of Good Guys – The Eight Steps to Limitless Possibility For Fraternity Recruitment

Review of Good Guys – The Eight Steps to Limitless Possibility For Fraternity Recruitment

This article is Day 6 of the series: 31 Days to Better Fraternity Recruitment.

I recently read Good Guys by Joshua Orendi and Matthew Mattson, and I think it can help a lot of chapters out that are struggling with fraternity recruitment.

Here are 9 things I liked about Good Guys:

1)      Good Guys explains that you need to understand your fraternity before you can sell it to others.  This is a critical point.  If you can’t explain why you are in your fraternity, then how can you possibly convince someone else to join?

2)      Good Guys explains the need to give your brothers a reason to rush.  They need to be motivated to do the heavy lifting required.  If they don’t see the benefit of recruiting new members, then they probably won’t try too hard during recruitment.  Be sure your brothers understand how growing helps them, and in turn helps the fraternity

3)      Growing your names list.  After-all, fraternity recruitment is a big numbers game when you really think about it.  It goes into detail about where to find guys, and how to get them on your list.  I love the story in this step about how a fraternity nearly doubled by empowering their new members to recruit.  This is a very valuable lesson for every chapter.

4)      Good Guys debunks the myth that events get people to join.  In truth, it is people who get people to join.

5)      Successful recruiters know how to sell the fraternity in a way where the perspective new member can see the value in it for them.  This is more critical than overcoming objections.

6)      The most important lesson in Good Guys describes how to meet new people and introduce them to fraternity.  This skill is so valuable in the fraternity world, and it is a skill that will serve you well through life.  If you follow the simple guidelines established, you will be able to confidently have conversations with people you don’t know.  You will be able to turn these strangers into friends and brothers.

7)      Another critical point in Good Guys is it explains how to ensure you never have a guy tell you no when you offer him a bid.  Giving a bid is a very special occasion.  It is an invitation to a life-long brotherhood.  In a way, it is a lot like a marriage proposal.  You wouldn’t ask a girl to marry you if you didn’t know the answer would you?  Same principal goes for giving bids.

8)      Good Guys explains the importance of growth.  Everyone knows that most chapters do the same thing every semester during rush.  But if you always do the same thing, you are not getting any better.  Challenge yourself to grow and become a better recruiter.  Reading this book is a great start.

9)      Finally, Good Guys explains how one man can change the recruitment fate of an entire chapter.  If one brother takes the initiative to dynamically recruit, the chapter will become better for it.  If he can get a few other brothers to buy into what he is trying to do and join him then the results will be even more profound.  The point here is every great improvement starts with one leader.  The question is: are you motivated enough to be the one to lead?

Good Guys is a great, short read that will really help define the entire fraternity recruitment process.  It should be required reading for new members.  If you can improve your fraternity’s recruitment, then many of your chapter’s problems will be solved.  Good Guys can help you get there.

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