Know Your Fraternity Alumni, Don’t Just Meet Them

know your fraternity alumni

I think the site is going to become broke because of the contributions of the PiLams at CNU. This is another article from a brother from Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity at Christopher Newport University. A donation to his chapter was made on his behalf for this submission. Keep them coming guys!

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In any new member program, stories about alums sometimes can seem mythical and will often intimidate the hell out of your pledges. But enjoying their time with alumni is a experience that every new member class should come into the fraternity with. As an active brother, you have two huge responsibilities when graduated brothers come back to your campus and meet the new member class for the first time:

1) Make sure every alumni meets as many new members as possible
2) Facilitate a positive relationship between alumni and new members

Every interaction my class and I had with graduated brothers made us stronger as a class, and helped tie us to the other part of the fraternity that we weren’t seeing on campus, at meetings, or at parties. The numbers and experience of our alumni will always far exceed the man power and knowledge of our active undergraduate brotherhood. This is why the alumni need to see that the active brothers are proud of our new members, and if they see that, they will be proud with us.

Not only that, but they are also crucial in guiding the brotherhood AND the new member class through the process.

When older alumni YOU know personally doesn’t even know the names of the guys coming in after you, then you as an active brother have failed to link together the two most important branches of brotherhood.


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