Joining a Fraternity Means Nothing…

Joining a Fraternity Means Nothing

This is an article from a brother from Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity at Christopher Newport University. A donation to his chapter was made on his behalf for this submission. Go here to learn more about this program……

At one point or another, every chapter of every Fraternity has become all too familiar with a general sense of apathy from an overwhelming number of its members. The leaders that are forced to run a chapter that is caught in such an epidemic will attest to the hell entailed.

I have seen undergrads become workhorses as they gain experience in their chapter. Conversely, I’ve seen workhorses become apathetic for whatever reason. I have also certainly seen too many brothers do virtually nothing for the brotherhood that they have sworn themselves to. As I do believe that fraternity recruitment, new member programs, and charismatic Greek leadership can all help combat apathy before it can ever set in, they can only do so much. At the end of the day, the level of commitment a brother is willing to give to his brotherhood depends on that particular brother’s fraternal passion.

Honest self-reflection can be truly powerful. Each newly initiated brother should have to explain how they plan on being an asset to the fraternity, why, and for how long. I also believe that the following series of questions should be answered by each undergrad brother at the beginning of each semester:

• What have I done for my brotherhood?
• Am I a workhorse? (why/why not?)
• What am I going to do differently this semester to better the brotherhood?

These questions should be answered honestly and in thorough detail. The answers should also be reviewed regularly on an individual and fraternal level. If this is done properly, the level of accountability that one has for himself and his brotherhood will undoubtedly increase. It is for the good and welfare of the fraternity that all brothers do the occasional soul searching.

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