How to Lead a Fraternity Without Being a Leader

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My chapter is at a crossroads right now. Half of our thirty man chapter is graduating this year, and they’re really set in their ways. They refuse to change things about our chapter- such as holding open parties or being more active in the chapter- and are generally done with the whole college scene (while still holding officer positions).

Combine that with the fact that our president trusts almost no one outside of his right hand man, and a general sense of apathy and a lack of fraternal spirit and leadership skills from almost all but select few of the underclassmen brothers. I’m afraid that our chapter will collapse within a few years. I’m only a 2nd year, and myself and a few others are trying very hard to change things and grow the chapter, yet nobody seems to want to put in the work with us. What can I do?


You can lead.

To be a leader, you don’t need to be appointed. You don’t need to hold a leadership position. You don’t need to be president. You need to have a high level of ‘give-a-damn’ which obviously you do.

The first step is to create a core group of guys that feel the way you do. Get them together and talk about your vision of the fraternity as often as you can. Dream about what your chapter can be. Discuss your goals for the chapter and your aspirations. Talking about it will make it real, and it will motivate you guys to act.

Then, do something. Don’t ask for permission – just do it. You want to have a date function? Plan something informal and be sure that all brothers are invited. You want to have a pledge night? Grab the pledges and teach them how to become great brothers. You want to kick-start rush? Go find a freshman and take him to dinner.

There is nothing in the world that is holding you back from being a leader.  You don’t need to be fraternity president to make a difference.

Remember to not be showy about it.  That will put brothers off. If you are doing what you are doing for the betterment of the chapter and not for personal gain people will notice and respect you for it.

This is how you can turn your chapter around. You initiative will become infectious. Realize it just takes one brother to start a movement.

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