How to Identify Risk in Your Fraternity

risk management

I’m set to be my chapter’s Risk Manager after I am initiated into my fraternity, and being on the E-Board that early is somewhat of a freaky experience for me.  It is expected that I am going to be the one looked on to make sure that everyone in the house is safe, and that the chapter itself is safe. My main concern is how to identify what can be a risk and how far into “risk” do I have to read?


I don’t envy you.  Risk Manager is a tough  job.

Here is the thing though, if the chapter looks at you as the only one responsible for the risk management of the chapter, then you are doomed to fail.  Everyone in the chapter needs to be responsible to keep the chapter, membership and guests safe.

Here are twelve quick rules that you should adhere to:

1 – No one on the roof.  EVER.  People fall off of roofs, and that is bad.

2 – No drugs on chapter property or chapter events.

3 – Don’t give booze to minors.

4 – Be a courteous neighbor.

5 – Never sell or give away booze – hire a company to do so for you.

6 – Pay for security – it is worth the money.

7 – No smoking inside.  It is disgusting and can lead to fires.

8 – Have a plan when talking to police – namely have someone sober.

9 – Stop stupid as soon as possible.  You will know it when you see it.

10 – Don’t cover up mistakes – be a man and own up when you screw up.  Punishment for the cover up is always worse than the crime.

11 – Build a report with alumni and university resources.  Should crap hit the fan, you need to know who to go to.

12 – Keep your mouth shut during a crisis.  Should crap hit the fan, the president needs to be the voice of the chapter.  Everyone else needs to defer to him.

13 – Don’t be stupid with social media and cell phone cameras.  Keep private things private.

Good luck.

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