How to Fix a Broken Fraternity

Broken Fraternity

I am currently a sophomore in a fraternity that is struggling with many problems. Most sororities on campus do not want to mix with us, our philanthropy barely even gets enough money to make up for the costs of hosting it, and we are looked down upon as the “loser” fraternity on campus.

In addition, most rushes we extend bids to choose to go somewhere else, leaving us with few pledge numbers every semester. The new pledges that we do get tend to be socially awkward and seen as others as creepy. However, I know we have the potential to be the top fraternity on campus, but most of my brothers fail to see that image or even believe that we have a chance. Most have resigned themselves to the fact that we will never be great, successful, or be popular on campus.

It’s almost as if they are fine with being looked down upon. I’ve been trying for almost a year now to change things, but it seems that whenever I bring up an idea, it gets shot down and I get the excuse “It’s always been done this way”. I’m starting to lose faith and motivation myself, and I need some advice to fix a broken fraternity. 


I have answered this question many ways over the years. Every situation is different, so I have provided several different answers. Be sure to check out these previous articles which will give you possible solutions to your problem:

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Of course, I have also written two books that address your issue.

The Fraternity Leader explains everything I would do to turn your chapter into the best on campus.  At the end of the book I explain my five pillars of fraternity leadership.  They greatly apply to your situation.  The biggest one is about handling adversity.  While you don’t realize it at the time, adversity is a great opportunity.  It gives you the chance to prove what you can do and what you are made of.  Embrace the challenge and grow from it.

The Chapter President explains how to overcome the pitfalls that every chapter president inevitably will encounter.  I write a chapter in this book about improving your image on campus that applies to you guys.  In short – people form their opinion of a fraternity based on the experiences they have with individuals in that fraternity.  If you want sorority girls to like your chapter, YOU need to become friends with them.  Be friendly in class.  Take pride in your appearance.  The more they have a positive opinion of you, the more they will have a positive opinion of your chapter.  And of course, this benefit gets multiplied by the number of brothers in your chapter.

These books will do a great deal to help you in your situation.

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