How to Choose a Photo Composite Company

fraternity composite

An annual photo composite chronicles and visually displays your membership. This is an important part of your organization’s memories and history. Your group will want to select a composite company that you can depend on to provide you with the very best product for your money. Although cost is important, your decision should not be based on price alone. It is a decision that should be reached only after you have carefully considered everything you wish to see in your composite.

The most important product that you are purchasing in any package is, obviously, the large, framed, master display composite containing a portrait of each of your members, with their names and officer titles (where applicable) printed under each portrait. Typically, composites also prominently announce the name of the organization, the school, the year, and perhaps the crest or other identifying items unique to their group.

Create a shopping list that includes all of the features your organization wants; then compare it with the package offer made by your prospective composite company. Make sure that their offers include all of the products and services that you requested. Do not sign any agreement with them until you are entirely satisfied that your shopping list is being honored and that you are getting a good value.

Remember that you are the customer and you have the freedom and responsibility to protect your own interests. Lastly, always ask for a price quote that shows an itemized list of what you will be receiving and will give a grand total after shipping and taxes.

Never sign a purchase contract or service agreement of any type without fully understanding exactly what you are getting for the price you are paying and the term of the agreement. No matter what the piece of paper that you are signing is called, the terms in the document form a legally binding relationship between a willing seller and a willing buyer. endorses Digital Pix & Composites for your composite needs. As the nationwide leader in composite photography they pride themselves in being honest about all pricing and believe in maintaining loyalty without auto-renew or rollover agreements. To learn more about Digital Pix, visit their site at

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