How Do We Get the School Off Our Fraternity’s Back About Being Racist?

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How do we get the school off our fraternity’s back about being ‘racist’?


Talk about a loaded question.

My first thought is that there has to be a reason why the school thinks your fraternity is racist.  I’m not sure what exactly you guys are doing, but that is a pretty strong label and isn’t thrown around loosely in a university setting.

Also, the way your question is phrased is pretty alarming.  Maybe I’m reading into it wrong, but it seems like you are more concerned with your fraternity’s image than the actual problem here.

Regardless, here are the 5 ways I’d approach this problem if I were a fraternity president:

1)      You have to fix your house before you can fix your image.  This is done a couple ways.  First, you must create a culture where discrimination isn’t tolerated.  There has to be a group of brothers who will step up and not allow prejudice to happen. This group has to grow as time progresses.  Eventually, you will create a culture where discrimination isn’t tolerated.

2)      You have to recruit members who are not prejudiced.  Does this mean going out and recruiting students of other races/religions so you can meet a diversity quota?  NO!  This means recruiting men based on their accomplishments and their character.  If they are of diverse backgrounds, great.  However, a brotherhood of high character will always respect others regardless of their differences.

3)      Discuss this issue with those you have offended.  Maybe they interpreted an action by the fraternity the wrong way.  Maybe they heard gossip of something that did not happen.  It is up to you to set the record straight.

4)      Be sincere.  People will see right through your fraternity being fake.  Holding events with the intent that outsiders will see your fraternity as being tolerant is the worst thing you could possibly do.

5)      If you are truly committed to being tolerant of others, have your fraternity promote a program that spreads this message.  Hosting a speaker on diversity is a great idea.  Participating in my fraternity’s  Elimination of Prejudice program is another great program.  If this is really important to you, take the lead in sharing the message with others.

Finally, realize that focusing on what others think of you is the quickest route to failure in any situation.  Your brotherhood has no control over the thoughts of others.  You shouldn’t waste time worrying about that.

Instead, your fraternity should focus on being the best men they can be.  Your words and actions will dictate what type of men you are.  If you focus on improving yourselves, I promise you that your image problems will take care of itself.

This question was submitted by one of our readers. If you have a question you want me to answer go here to submit it: Fraternity Advice.

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