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This article is Day 15 of the series: 31 Days to Better Fraternity Recruitment.

It should be important to you that the Greek Life Director has a good opinion of you and your chapter.  This person has a vested interest in your success, and it should be obvious that you need to cultivate that relationship.

This was extremely important to me and my chapter while I was an undergrad.  As chapter president, I would spend multiple planning sessions with the Greek Life Director in preparation for the upcoming semesters.  Little did I know that it was during these sessions that I learned effective ways to become a fraternity leader.  And when the chapter was successful, the Director would share in our success.  The Director was part of our team, and it meant the world to us.

This relationship paid off big during recruitment.  At the end of every recruitment period we would host an invite-only dinner.  This was an event that the entire recruitment period built towards, and this was the night where most of the guys realized that they wanted to be part of our fraternity.

We always, always, always invited the Greek Life Director to that dinner.

That night we would go around the room and each brother would explain what the fraternity means to him.  This was powerful and impressed our guests.

Then the Greek Life Director would explain the meaning of fraternity, and what a great group we were.  This meant the world to us, and it reinforced the great things our chapter was doing.

This made a profound impact on the men we were recruiting.  It was one thing to hear our brothers tell them how great we were.  It was another to have a university official voluntarily do the same thing.

Our Director instantly gave our fraternity and our rush message credibility.  She validated our message, and this helped us land high-caliber new members.

If you don’t have a relationship with your Greek Life Director, then you wasting a valuable resource.  They are on your team whether you realize it or not.  They want you to be successful and they will help you achieve your goals.  That is if you let them…

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