Fraternity Sweetheart

fraternity sweetheart

Fraternity guys like to have girls around. Girls like to be treated well, and they tend to go to places where they are treated well. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if a fraternity treats girls well, they will come around more often.

Again, to further state the obvious, there are huge benefits to having girls around the fraternity.

The brothers will be around more, because fraternity guys like girls. Your parties will be better, because college guys like girls. Your recruitment will be better, because rushees like to be around girls.

Your pledges will be around more, because pledges like to be around girls. And finally, your image on campus will improve, because everyone likes girls!

One easy way to treat them well is to be sure to recognize one girl a year as your fraternity sweetheart.

Have her picture added to the fraternity composite and make sure she knows how much she is appreciated.

The girl who is chosen to be the fraternity sweetheart will definitely think the world of the fraternity for this recognition. She will make sure all her friends know about her being the fraternity sweetheart and this will help your fraternity’s image.

If this girl is a member of a sorority, all the members of the sorority will be sure to know it and will be more eager to spend time with your fraternity.

This is a very small touch that can go a long way. It takes next to nothing to do, and should be done every year.

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