Fraternity Spring Recruitment

Fraternity Spring Recruitment

Rush in the spring semester should be easier for fraternities, but for some reason it isn’t. There are numerous reasons for this. The brothers in the fraternity are often not as excited to recruit in the spring as they are in the fall. Also, rush is more difficult because most students have made friends and formed cliques by this point of the school year.

That being said, spring recruitment should be much easier than the fall. The fraternity needs to spend time exploiting the contacts that were made in the fall semester. There are going to be guys who rushed in the fall but didn’t join for whatever reason. If the fraternity did their job, these guys should have stayed in touch with the chapter and been to a few events during the fall. Also, brothers in the fraternity should have made friends with guys not affiliated with the chapter during the fall semester. It is critical that these guys form the foundation for the fraternity’s recruitment efforts.

Then, the fraternity needs to leverage these guys to make recruitment successful. They need to make sure that these guys attend rush events, and that these guys bring their friends with them.

If that can happen, and there are no guarantees that it will, the next biggest hurdle will be getting brothers motivated. For some reason, most fraternities don’t have anywhere near the enthusiasm for spring recruitment as they do in the fall. Because of this, the fraternity should keep the recruitment period short. This will ensure that burnout is limited and a long rush shouldn’t really isn’t necessary since the fraternity will know most of the guys already. Also, fraternity leadership needs to encourage the brotherhood and remind them how important rush is.

The best way to encourage is to get a commitment from each brother to show up the rush event. If the majority of the brotherhood can make that commitment, then most of the time all the other things will fall into place and rush will be a success.

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