Fraternity Pledge Party

fraternity pledge party

One great way to introduce the pledge class to the fraternity is by having them plan a party for the chapter. This will teach them a lot of things about the chapter. Namely, it will show them the importance of working together to accomplish a goal. It will also show them how the chapter will support their efforts.

The goal here is to have the pledge class plan the party from start to finish. They should only be given a date and a budget. The brotherhood should stay out of their way. You want them to be creative and introduce new ideas. You want them to take ownership of their project, and to get all the recognition when the night is a success.

This idea of a pledge event was a resounding success the first time we introduced it to our chapter. The pledge class planned a Mardi Gras party, a theme that had not been used until that night. The pledges took ownership of their party, and every facet was taken care of. The pledges decorated the house, invited the guests, planned the refreshments and had assigned designated drivers.

While the pledges had proven that they were more than capable of planning a great party, that wasn’t the reason for the night’s success. The event was successful because the enthusiasm the pledges had was infectious in the chapter. Everyone knew how hard they had worked, and were very eager to show up and have a good time to show their support. Everyone had a great time, and the pledges learned a valuable lesson. Everyone can have a great time if they come together for a common cause.

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