Fraternity Nicknames

Fraternity nicknames

Fraternity nicknames are important. Each fraternity has a few brothers who embrace their nickname to the point where they prefer it to their given name. It is great when this happens. It is great because if the brother loves their nickname that much, then they probably love the fraternity even more. So how do you come up with a good nickname?

There are really only two ways to come up with a good nickname. First, the nickname could come from a memorable event. Some guys do stuff so stupid or so strange that it should be required that a nickname be given to commemorate their dubious accomplishments.

The second way to come up with a nickname is as a way to recognize an aspect of the brother’s personality. If the brother is a nerd, kiss-up, ladies man or whatever – what better way to glorify this part of this personality than with a nickname?

That being said, there should be some basic rules when assigning fraternity nicknames. They should not be vulgar. If they are – they won’t be used. Nicknames that come off of obscure pop culture seem to stick more often than not. Really, there is no set place where to come up with a great nickname.

And that is probably a reason why good nicknames are so special. Another reason is because not every brother will have a good nickname. And that is ok – because if everyone had a good nickname, then the great ones would be that special.

Always keep in the back of your mind that each pledge will need a nickname. By having it in the back of your mind you will ensure that great nicknaming opportunities don’t pass your fraternity by.

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