Fraternity Leadership Conferences

fraternity leadership conference

If you are in a fraternity, and don’t take advantage of attending your fraternity’s leadership conference, you are very foolish. These are some of the very best times that could be had by a brother. The experiences shared and people met could have a profound impact on your fraternity.

First, the conference will be designed to make you a more educated brother in the ways of the fraternity. There will be seminars on all the issues you deal with as a fraternity leader. These classes are taught by men who have been successful leaders of their chapters. If you love fraternity, you should love the material that is taught.

Second, you will learn a ton by hanging out with brothers from different chapters of your fraternity for a few days. You will compare notes on party ideas and pledge events. You will talk about your fraternity traditions and how you can be more successful during rush. Because you will be dealing with brothers from your fraternity, you will be able to have a candid conversation about anything you want.

Third, you will be able to meet alumni brothers. The alumni that frequent these events have a special love for fraternity. They are giving their time because they know how important fraternity is. By talking to these brothers you will be able to gain an insight into the fraternity’s past that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

Fourth, you will probably get to hear a great motivational speaker or two. One of my favorite things is to hear a great motivational speaker. And, the message will be tailored to be about fraternity.

Fifth, you will be able to trade contact information with the alumni and undergraduate brothers as resources. If you have a question, you will be able to send an email out to get an unbiased opinion. You will also be able to turn these contacts into great road trip ideas.

Sixth, you will get to meet the members of your executive council and staff leadership team. If your fraternity needs help or gets in trouble, these are huge contacts to have.

Finally, you will have a great time. There will be events set up to ensure brothers interact and enjoy themselves. While partying hard will make getting up for the next morning’s classes difficult, it will be well worth it because these will be the memories that being in a fraternity is all about.

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