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This is another example of how a fraternity can have a raffle fundraiser.

A guy who worked for me recently had a baby.  The baby was born with a severe heart defect.  Because of this, the family found themselves in a very difficult financial situation.

Several of us decided we were going to raise money for him to help him through these tough times.  We decided we were going to raffle off a gun.

We purchased a gun for $400, and sold tickets for $5 each or 5 for $20.  There were really only five of us pushing tickets.  However, we had made our initial investment back in a matter of hours.  In the span of a week we had raised close to $2000.

This is a great example of how a fraternity can use a raffle as a fundraiser.  Realize that there are laws against having firearms on a university campus.  This makes auctioning off a gun a difficult proposition for most fraternities.

However, there are other things you can raffle off which will have the same effect.  A set of golf clubs will always be highly desirable.  A guided hunting or fishing trip will draw interest.  So will tickets to a major sporting event.

Be sure to tap into all your networks if you decide to have a raffle.

Again, this is a very easy way to raise money fast.

One thing to be aware – if you actually raffle a gun you need to be responsible.  Firearms are never allowed on university property or housing.  When the gun is given, be sure you take it to a gun dealer to make sure all the proper paperwork is completing so the gun will be registered in the new owner’s name (costs about $15 in NC – not sure in other states).

4 thoughts on “Fraternity Gun Raffle Fundraiser

  1. I’d look at golf clubs as a better option. Or free books for the semester or something with not only more universal appeal, but also less potential for problems. Laws vary from state to state and in many it would actually be illegal for an chapter to sell a gun since I doubt any are licensed to do so. But, the opportunity for bad things, and the lawsuits that could follow put a raffle for a gun on the “why risk it” list.

  2. In this particular case – I find it appalling because of the fact that how do you know whether the ultimate owner is qualified to own a firearm?

    • The 2nd Amendment gives him that right, but that is a separate conversation.

      I have updated the article to include information that I assumed would be common sense.

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