Fraternity Raffle Fundraiser

Harley fundraiserI got this idea from a good buddy of mine. An organization he belongs to raffles off a motorcycle each year. His organization has about 200 people, and everyone is required to sell 20, $10 raffle tickets. That means that this fundraiser will gross $40,000.

However, they needed to raffle something off. So they raffled off a Harley motorcycle at a list price of about $20,000. When all the tickets were sold the organization would net a $20,000 profit.

This is such a great way to raise money that nearly every state does it in the form of a lottery.

Your fraternity can do the same thing. Every brother and pledge in the chapter should be able to sell 20 raffle tickets for $10 each.  They can sell them to their family, friends, girlfriends family, alumni, whomever… If there is a brother who wants to sell more than their allotment of 20 – that is all the better. However, keep the goal low so that each brother will not have a problem selling their allotment.

If you chapter has 50 members, this will bring in $10,000. Heck, make the raffle prize $5,000 cash which will put $5,000 in the fraternity’s pocket.

You can even make an event out of it. Have the drawing at a party at the house. Make the drawing at midnight. You can keep selling tickets up to the drawing. After the winner is chosen, call them to let them know they won if they aren’t there. And have everyone at the party cheer for the person on the phone!

Be careful though. Some people may frown on raffles like this. It is best to keep the event low-key around university officials. There is no need to give them a reason to shoot down this great fundraising idea.

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