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Fraternity fundraising for your philanthropy can be a challenge. The bigger the group you have the more difficult it is to keep all your brothers happy all the time. However, if you handle the organizational aspects of your fundraiser in an efficient way, you’ll leave yourself some breathing room.

Take on all the accounting first, so that you can present the numbers to your brothers and let them understand the reality of your financial situation. Tell the donors how the money will be used and be accountable for the money that is raised.

Planning fundraising ideas is a simple matter of understanding your monetary needs, what your supporters will want to buy, and talking to your group about what they would like to sell. If you are the organizer keep your group on topic and don’t allow too much wandering onto ideas that aren’t going anywhere. (Source:

Here are some great ideas for fundraising events:

50/50 raffle tickets
Talent Show
Car Show
Haunted House
Jail ‘N Bail
Cash & Dash
Scratch cards
Capture the Flag
Battle of the Bands

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One thought on “Fraternity Fundraising For Your Philanthropy

  1. Make it fun. Just because it’s philanthropy doesn’t mean it has to be excruciating.

    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this example before, but… What we did a lot was rented out bar with a popular band. We’d get the upstairs or whatever other VIP area we agreed on with the place. There was a guest list and all our guys got in for free. We’d often ask a sorority along & list them too. The chapter would guarantee the deposit & & first whatever off the door, and then split everything above that with the band. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. This is similar to how the venue is doing business. They’re just giving up their risk/profit to you in exchange for bringing a couple hundred guaranteed patrons and promoting the heck out of the event so they pack their bar and make more money than normal on drinks.

    It ends up a free social event for which you get philanthropy credit by donating the profits, or works great as a fundraiser. If you do it a bunch you develop friendships with a lot of venues and bands that you can parlay into additional gains down the road. It’s also great business and event planning experience for the real world.

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