Fraternity Brotherhood Events

fraternity brotherhood events

Fraternities love huge fraternity brotherhood events.  They think that inviting everyone and their brother to a huge event is the way to build a strong fraternity.

But, there is a better way!

For a fraternity become strong, they must focus on having strong fraternity brotherhood events.

A brotherhood event is a loosely defined term for a brotherhood get-together.  And these are the times that will build brotherhood.

Brotherhood events can be very simple.  It is a great idea to send out an email to the brotherhood with dinner plans.  If a few brothers decide to go to the movies, why not invite all the brothers?  If a few brothers go to the gym to play hoops, again – why not invite all brothers?

You can also kill two birds with one stone with brotherhood events.  Think about how awesome it would be if the entire fraternity decided to make an intramural event a fraternity brotherhood event.  Why not combine a new member night or the chapter meeting with a brotherhood event?

You can also get more elaborate with fraternity brotherhood events.  Every chapter should invite the head basketball or football coach to come speak to the fraternity about leadership once a year.  Also, don’t forget that attending the big games as a fraternity is a lot more fun than as individuals.

The key to a brotherhood event is obviously building the brotherhood.  If you plan on doing something fun, then invite the rest of the fraternity to join you.  This will create the experiences and memories which is the difference between good fraternities and great ones.

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