Don’t Blame the Last Fraternity Leader

Don’t Blame the Last Fraternity Leader

It is an all too common reaction to blame the previous leader for the current challenges your fraternity is facing.  Don’t fall for that trap!

First, it shows a weakness in leadership.  Look a Barack Obama.  The punch line for every late-night comedian is how Obama blames Bush for everything.  To the public, it shows that he isn’t taking ownership of his responsibilities, and is trying to compensate for his short-comings by blaming others.

Relate that to your fraternity.  There is no such thing as the perfect organization, or really anything even close to it.  The previous fraternity president is going to leave the new fraternity president with plenty of opportunities to excel.

How that new fraternity president reacts to those challenges will help define his character.  Will he acknowledge the accomplishments of his predecessor and then work diligently to make his own mark on the fraternity?  Or, will he be overwhelmed with the situation and blame others for the current problems?

For the sake of the entire Greek Community, I hope that fraternity leaders choose to be the first type of leader.  It doesn’t do anyone any good to dwell on the failures of the past.  Everyone knows what is going on, and it doesn’t do any good to try to find someone to shoulder the blame.

Step up, be a leader and focus on the future.  Losers dwell on the past – leaders focus on the future.

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