Does Joining a Fraternity Look Good on My Resume?

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Does joining a fraternity look good on my resume?


It is a popular recruitment tactic to tell perspective new members that joining a fraternity will look good on their resume. I can tell you, after many years in corporate America, that simply being in a fraternity really doesn’t matter.

This goes for ALL organizations you could be a member of in college. Hiring managers could care less what organizations you joined. What they do care about is what you DID in those organizations.

If you want your fraternity experience to stand out in your resume, you need to be prepared to make a difference in your fraternity. You need to take leadership roles and have tangible results from those responsibilities.

Really, that is one of the great things about being part of a fraternity. It gives you the opportunity and experiences needed for personal growth you can’t find anywhere else on a college campus.

So does joining a fraternity look good on a resume? Alone, not really. Hiring managers are looking for leaders who have shown that they can make a difference, not simply people who think membership is an accomplishment.

So step up and improve your fraternity. That WILL always look good on a resume.

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