Do You Want an On-Campus or Off-Campus Fraternity House?

on campus or off campus fraternity house

Obviously, it depends on the fraternity and the university. I have put together a quick list of points I would consider before making the decision.

University House Positives:

– On Greek Row
– Has university support (billing and maintenance)
– Gets instant credibility in the Greek Community and with independent students
– Is more accepted by parents
– Don’t have to worry about neighbors
– Generally closer to campus

University House Negatives:
– Is expensive
– Stricter university rules

Off-Campus House Positives:

– Less strict rules
– Cheaper
– Easier to get into

Off-Campus House Negatives:

– Dealing with neighbors
– Harder to get maintenance completed
– Could be farther from campus

Again, this all depends on the wants and needs of the fraternity. If you have any points that I missed, please include them in the comment section below.

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