A Fraternity Leader’s Secret Weapon

motivated leader

A motivated leader is always thinking about the fraternity, and always thinking about how he can improve the chapter. He will participate in hundreds of impromptu brainstorming sessions. What is the point though if most lessons are lost?

Because of this, it is essential that a leader keep a collection of his thoughts. Having a simple notebook where he can record his ideas will have a profound effect on his leadership ability. All too often a great idea is put aside and lost forever. Don’t let that happen to you.

But that leaves the question, what do you do if you don’t have your notebook on you? Improvise! Grab another piece of paper to jot down your notes, then add it to your notebook later. Send yourself a text or email reminder from your phone. If you are driving, leave yourself a voicemail. With the tools a fraternity leader has at his disposal, there is no reason why an idea should ever be lost.

The fact is, you never know what idea you have could be the next great one. Your thoughts and ideas are too valuable to leave to chance that you might forget. Keep a record that will become your knowledge bank for years to come.

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