10 Things a Fraternity President Needs to do During Rush

Fraternity President Needs to do During Rush

1 – Interact with every recruit. While the fraternity president probably sees himself as just another brother, a rushee will see him differently. It will give a great impression if the president seeks the recruit out.

2 – Keep the brothers motivated. Realize that all the brothers are coming back from the summer. They haven’t seen their brothers in months. The last thing they probably want to do is rush. Therefore, the president is responsible for being the #1 cheerleader for the fraternity. Your rush depends on it.

3 – Make sure the recruitment chair is prepared. The fraternity president needs to review the rush plan before it starts. He needs to make sure all the little details have been taken care of and that the fraternity is ready for recruitment.

4 – Check the recruitment finances. Fraternities spend a crazy amount on rush. The president needs to make sure that the money is spent wisely and efficiently. There is no reason that the rush budget should cripple the rest of the semester.

5 – Be prepared to speak. There are going to be occasions where the president will have to address the brotherhood and guests during recruitment. The fraternity president is doing himself a big favor if he prepares what he is going to say beforehand. Also, this gives him ample time to think of a joke. Remember everyone loves a good joke.

6 – Be prepared to do the grunt work. Brothers are sometimes not the most responsible people. The president needs to be prepared to step up if a brother misses a house cleanup or is late for picking up a recruit. And the president needs to do so with a good attitude.

7 – Make the brothers feel appreciated. There are certain brothers during recruitment that will do more than others. Maybe they really step up during the preparation phase of recruitment, or maybe they are great at getting guys to commit. Regardless, the president has to make sure that these guys feel appreciated both publicly and privately.

8 – Observe risk management rules. There are going to be brothers that want to break fraternity recruitment rules. It is the president’s job to make the brothers realize that it just isn’t worth it. There is no need to waste a semester on probation over brothers being stupid.

9 – Talk to parents. There are going to be some recruits that don’t want to rush because their parents won’t let them. The president has to offer to talk to that parent to address their concerns. If the fraternity president isn’t comfortable with calling, then he needs to have an advisor or respected alumni ready to call for him.

10 – The president needs to give as many bids as possible in person. Getting a bid is a huge moment for a recruit. It will have more of an impact if the president of the fraternity gives it.

If you are the president of your fraternity, these 10 things will help you tremendously during fraternity recruitment. If anyone has any other great suggestions, please include them below in the comments section.

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