How to Make Your Fraternity Party Awesome

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Do you have any tips/advice/suggestions about hosting successful fraternity parties? We just had a Rave, and the music was great and the lighting was sweet, but for some reason people would wander in and then wander out 10 minutes later.


Great question. My fraternity had this exact problem and we did not know how to solve it.

After a few frustrating parties, a few of us actually sat back and examined what was happening. What we found out was enlightening, and would ensure we never threw a crappy party again. We named our discovery The Base Theory.

So what is The Base Theory?

Quite simply it means that the party will never grow the way it should without a solid base.

What we noticed when we observed our own party is that a ton of people would show up to our parties, but they would be spread out over four or five hours. No one stayed long because there were never that many people there at one time. They assumed the party sucked because there weren’t many people there. Because of this, the party never had a chance to grow.

We realized our problem wasn’t getting people to show up, it was getting people to stay.

That is where The Base Theory was born.

To solve this problem, we had made sure every fraternity brother, their girlfriends and our closest friends were at the house early and they stayed.

As a result, when our first guests showed up, there were 100 or so people at the party already. This number quickly escalated from there because no one left.

It sounds like your fraternity is having the same issue. Focus more on building the base then the actual event. If you follow The Base Theory, then every fraternity party you have will be a success.

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