You Have to Be Able To Answer This Fraternity Rush Question

Why Join a Fraternity

It is going to happen.  There is no doubt it is going to happen.  You are going to find yourself in a conversation with a guy who is rushing your fraternity, and he is going to ask you why he should join your fraternity.  This absolutely will happen at least once a semester and probably many times.  You are foolish if you aren’t prepared for this situation.

Let me tell you a story.  I had an undergraduate brother come up to me recently asking me for recruitment advice.  I knew very little about his fraternity, so I asked him why an outsider would want to join.

He told me that his brotherhood was particularly close, and that his brothers weren’t typical frat guys.  He also said that they were different than everyone else on campus.

In short, he told me nothing.  Every fraternity on campus says those things.  It isn’t a compelling argument for joining a fraternity.

What this brother needed to do is give concrete reasons of why he should join.  He needs to be able to tell the guy that you can do this if you join the fraternity, but you can’t if you don’t.  And he needs to do it with passion and feeling, because that is really what you are selling the prospective new member.

If you had a final, and the professor told you the questions on the test beforehand, you would absolutely prepare for it.  This is no different.  You know the questions before they are going to be asked.  Spend a few minutes preparing your answers.

If you do, you’ll see a dramatic improvement in your fraternity’s recruitment.

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