Win Awards for You and Your Fraternity

fraternity awards

As president, it is your responsibility to make the fraternity look good, even if the rest of the brotherhood doesn’t care. Winning awards is a great way to do that. Your fraternity should be well positioned for being selected by following these three keys to winning awards.

First, accomplish something. You have to be able to tell what you action you took, and what was the result of your action. Always remember what type of accomplishments will be perceived as the most important for the judges of the award. For example, a fraternity president who states that their chapter GPA increased during his tenure due the new academic program will be held in higher esteem than someone who highlights the chapter’s social accomplishments.

Second, apply for all awards. There are many awards out there. Be sure your fraternity is submitting an application for all of them. Often, people will not take the time to fill out award packages and therefore there isn’t much competition for awards. Use this to your advantage.

Third, winning awards will win you more awards. It is a strange, but very true, phenomenon. Keep applying until the well runs dry.

Winning awards is great for the morale of the fraternity and shows that a leader is willing to take care of his people. It also gives the fraternity tangible goals that a motivated fraternity will strive to achieve.

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