Videos games to recruit? You’d be surprised

Videos games to recruit

This is an article from a brother from Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity at Ohio State University. A donation to his chapter was made on his behalf for this submission. Go here to learn more about this program.

While brainstorming recruitment events that will get both our brothers and rushees excited, one brother entered the common room and began playing the latest Call of Duty game on Xbox. Everyone immediately took interest. And that’s when it dawned on me. If we were so interested in seeing and playing this game, think how much prospectives would enjoy this.

So we had Call of Duty Night at the house. And it was a huge success. We arranged it so that rushees were always paired up with brothers. The great thing about shooting games is that they require teamwork and allow brothers to have a few laughs at the expense of those of us who are “noobs.”

We made sure to only encourage rushees and give them advice. Next time we may need to bring in another tv and borrow a system to get more people involved but generally as long as people were being rotated in regularly no one really minded watching for a few minutes.

We made the plan to keep track of the latest and most hyped games being released so that we can continue to have these game nights with the same amount of interest as we had with this recent game night.

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