The Difference Between Good Fraternity Leaders and Great Ones

Difference Between Good Fraternity Leaders and Great Ones

Good fraternity leaders are able to solve problems. They see that the fraternity is lacking in their social programsor in recruitment or in some other area, and they are able to lead a turnaround in these areas.

However, great leaders are not only able to solve problems, but they are also able to define the problem before anyone realizes it is an issue.

Take for example Bill Gates. He defined the problem that computers weren’t easy to use. No one really realized that this was an issue at the time, but he solved this problem anyway, and changed our world as a result.

Also, look at Steve Jobs. No one realized that there was a problem with making digital music portable. But Jobs solved the problem anyway, and the i-everything generation was born.

How about Mark Zuckerburg? He created Facebook – fulfilling a need that no one really realized they had. Which reminds me – BECOME A FACEBOOK FAN of this site!

How does this apply to a fraternity leader?

Think about your fraternity. Can you define problems that your fraternity has, even if the rest of your brotherhood can’t see it?

Maybe you see that hazing will kill your chapter, and you see the need to revamp your member program. Maybe you see that your current method of recruitment will get your fraternity the 5 or 6 guys every semester that is needed to survive, but it will never push the fraternity to the next level. Maybe you see that dues are putting too much of burden on your membership, and you can do something to change it.

Regardless of the issue, if you can define it and fix it before your brothers even realize it is a problem, you will be crossing an important threshold.

You will change from a reactionary leader to a visionary. You will transform from a good leader to a great one.

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