Study With Someone Smarter Than You

study with someone smarter than you

This doesn’t apply to you if you are the smartest kid in the class. But if you are not, identify someone who would be a great study partner. Sometimes the very smartest students in the class are terrible study partners. They may not have to work hard, making studying with them frustrating.

Someone who always pays attention in class is a good potential study partner. If someone is listening intently, you can safely assume that they are interested in learning. That means they will be more than welcome someone else who is also interested.

Someone who asks questions in class is also a good potential partner. This utilizes the same rationale as above.

It is essential that your potential study partner doesn’t frequently skip class. Having an unreliable study partner is useless.

In order to break the ice, offer to exchange phone numbers and IM addresses for homework purposes. If you feel comfortable with the person, ask them if they want to study together or do homework together.

Synergy is the key here. The more input you have the better. Working alone is terribly unproductive and inefficient. Go through your student career with many partners, just make sure they are good ones.

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