Start Fraternity Recruitment NOW

Start Fraternity Recruitment

It is the week before Thanksgiving, I realize the last thing in the world you care about is rush.  However, a little effort this time of year will go a long way in January.

First off, you need to start thinking about potential guys to rush.  If you can get a decent list of guys interested now, then rush won’t be as painful when the next semester starts.

Next, you need to actually plan the events.  Remember that brothers normally aren’t too jazzed up for spring rush.  Therefore, be sure to make the rush events the type of events that the brothers would eagerly go to – regardless of it was rush or not.

If you can do that, something awesome will happen.  You will have a high brotherhood turnout and the brothers will be having a good time.  Also, the guys who rush and who like these events will form closer bonds to the brotherhood because they will have similar interests.  Most of all, everyone will have fun, which is a key ingredient to fraternity recruitment.

You know as well as I do that life gets crazy when you get back from Thanksgiving break.  Papers will be due, and finals will be right around the corner.  Get a leg up on the other fraternities on campus by starting to plan for rush now.

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