Sorority Recruitment Power

Sorority Recruitment Power

I don’t think I need to explain the power of a woman’s influence in the mind of a college guy. To magnify that influence – you just need more women. In the college world, more women normally means a sorority.

Fraternities need to use this to their advantage during recruitment.

First, the fraternity needs to get in good standing with the sorority. This isn’t as difficult as it seems. The easiest way is to volunteer to help the sorority during their next community service event. They will probably be more than eager to have the help. Another great way is to invite them to the house and host a cook-out for them.

To be perfectly honest, what you do doesn’t really matter. How you conduct yourselves is what is really important. Act like gentlemen, and you will always impress.

Once you have built that relationship, you have a valuable recruitment resource.

To take advantage of that resource, ask if you can attend one of the sorority chapter meetings. At the meeting, ask the sisters if they can recommend any guys that they think would be great brothers in your fraternity.

In the worse case scenario you should be able to get a couple of dozen names that were referred to you by a sorority.

Again, remember that the sorority is a group of influence. Think of how the guy will react when he finds out that a sorority recommended that he join your chapter? I know I would have become a girl scout if a sorority recomme me back in college.

Repeat this process for each sorority on campus. Not only will you become more popular with the sororities, you will also have very powerful recruitment partners.

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