Not All Fraternity Recruits are the Same

Not All Fraternity Recruits are the Same

Treating every recruit the same sounds good, but doesn’t work in real life. That is because all recruits aren’t the same.

There are going to be a couple of guys who are high potential guys. Maybe these guys have the ability to transform to fraternity in the future. Maybe they are very interested and have the ability to recruit others to join them. Regardless, there are going to be a few guys who are high priority.

Treat these guys special. Give them the extra attention. Make them feel wanted. Let them know that they are receiving special attention, because the fraternity sees potential in them and needs them to join the chapter.

Does that mean to ignore the other guys? Of course not. Those guys are still a priority and need attention as well.

But there are times in life though where a little extra attention is warranted if the extra effort could mean a huge reward.

Recognize the recruits with high potential, and give them the extra attention they deserve. These guys will become the foundation of your new member class, and eventually the foundation of your fraternity.

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