Learn it the First Time

Some classes are boring. There is no denying that. Often, the professor will go off on a random tangent that will cause students to day dream. Day dreaming leads to the majority of the lecture being missed, despite you being there.

After this happens, students are faced with two options. They can either relearn the material that they were supposed to learn in class on their own, or they can ignore it completely and fail their exams. Neither option is productive, even thought the former option sounds better than the latter.

The solution is simple. If you are going to actually attend class, maximize your time there. Learn what is being taught the first time, and you will not have to relearn it on your own later.

The benefit of this strategy will be profound. It will free up more of your nights, and lead to less difficult decisions like whether to hang out with your friends or study.

Learn your class material the first time so you don’t have to learn it later on your own.

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