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I have had the opportunity to serve as a mentor to the founders of GreekPull. GreekPull is an online fundraising platform that meets a lot of the needs of undergraduate chapters. Below is an interview I conducted of them that helps tell their story.

If you know of a product or service that is designed to help those in Greek Life, please send me an email and let me know about it.

1) What is GreekPull?

GreekPull is an online platform that allows current or alumni members of fraternities, sororities and other on-campus fraternal groups to create and fund projects that support themselves or their local chapter. Whether it’s a service project, an expansion project for the group’s facility or a special event, GreekPull helps coordinate funding from a broad range of donors.

The process is simple and transparent – local chapter members and alumni are able to create campaigns on the site, and alumni, friends and others can use GreekPull to help fund the project. Incentives can be given for donations as well, and donors are able to track the progress of each campaign as it raises funds.

2) How can it benefit fraternity and sorority chapters?

GreekPull serves as a way to re-engage alumni who have stopped connecting with their Fraternity or Sorority. Our first campaign had a couple of donors give money who had never done so before, because they felt like GreekPull was a way for them to reconnect with other alumni and undergraduate members. It also helps fraternity and sorority chapters do events, fundraisers, and projects that they never thought they could do. It’s amazing to see what Greek chapters can do when they no longer have to be constrained with finances.

3) What exactly does a chapter have to do as part of the program?

Create a short video and description about what their raising money for and how they will be using the money. We help promote the campaign by teaming up with national fraternities and sororities as well as using our media channels to promote their campaigns.

4) Why should chapter’s choose GreekPull?

GreekPull is specially designed and built for Fraternities and Sororities. Barely any fundraising campaigns related to Greek Life get funded on Indiegogo and Kickstarter because those platforms don’t specifically target Greek alumni. Because we first solve the problem of alumni re engagement and then tailor our platform to Greek chapters, we are able to have a much higher success rate for helping fraternities and sororities raise money compared to other tools available.

5) How does a chapter get started in the program?

Contact our head of sales and marketing Eghosa Aihie at with your campaign idea, chapter, and University. We then will team up with you and make your campaign a success! Be sure you let them know that you found us on

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