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College life is more than just books and exams. It is about enjoying the moment and living life to its fullest. Follow these seven rules to make your party a success.

1: Have a theme or occasion to celebrate. Celebrating the keg on the porch may get you drunk, but won’t make a lasting impression on your guests. Remember, the only thing more lame than a party with no theme is a party with a lame theme – so pick a good one.

2: Advertise! You want people to come to your party. You need to let them know you are having one. Fraternities have an advantage because they have a large network. A good organization will use it’s website as a reliable source of information (such as party dates). But regardless, you have to tell everyone you know about the party. And you have to give them instructions to invite everyone they know about the party as well (if you are looking for a huge blow-out bash). Being shy isn’t good for party promotion. Don’t be afraid to invite people you hardly know. This may be your shot to get to know them better.

3: Adhere to the base theory. The base theory stresses that you need to have a lot of people at the start of the party to ensure the people who come after stay.  If the party doesn’t have a good base, most people will show up, stay ten minutes, and then go to a better party. To ensure your party has a good base, have a cook out or something at the event’s location prior to the event. Make sure your closest friends are there to help you build the base. The party will never get good without a good base.

4: Someone responsible. Every party needs to have someone with a level head to take care of things should they happen. Make sure that person is appointed before the festivities and that person is responsible.

5: The Setup. Be sure to hide the stuff you don’t want to see broken or become missing. Make sure there is plenty of open space and plenty of places for people to store their booze. Burn CDs for music. It is probably courteous to let your neighbors know you are having a party and they can call you if there is a problem (beats having them call the cops). Also, be sure there are plenty of trash cans around.

6: Don’t forget to enjoy yourself. After all the hard work, don’t be afraid to enjoy your success.

7: Make sure everyone gets home safe. Have a plan to get drunk folks home. That is your responsibility.

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